Shark® Press & Refresh® Garment Care System
Shark® Press & Refresh® Garment Care System
Shark® Press & Refresh® Garment Care System

Shark® Press & Refresh® Garment Care System

Model #: GS500

Freshen and press garments right on the hanger quickly and effortlessly, replacing your iron for quick and easy touch ups, and reducing trips to the cleaners, so your garments are there when you want them.



The Shark® Press & Refresh® Garment Care System is a revolutionary new way to bring your fabrics back to life, reducing the number of trips to the dry cleaners and refreshing all the fabrics in your home.

Shark® Professional Steam deeply penetrates fibers to relax wrinkles, remove odors, and renew fibers. Kills 99.9% of common household germs and bacteria.

The Exclusive Heated Wrinkle Eraser® replicates the soleplate of an iron to dry fibers to prevent re-wrinkling while leaving a pressed finish.

The vertical press pad creates a vertical ironing board on any door in your home making it easy for quick touch ups when you need them without the hassle of setting up a traditional ironing board.

The Garment Care System also comes with an array of frame attachments, bonnets, and Velcro® clips to provide the best results for all your fabric needs.


  • Hold the steam trigger for continuous steam.
  • Tilt the Press & Refresh® slightly forward and press the Wrinkle Eraser® directly on the garment or fabric.
  • Move in an up and down motion to remove wrinkles fast. Always check the fabric care labels for recommendations.
  • Test the fabrics for colorfastness in an inconspicuous place such as an inside seam.
  • The Vertical Press Pad fits on any door and is easy to setup! Leave the pad hanging on the back of any door for quick touch-ups anytime.
  • Remove wrinkles from long sleeve garments in a flash! For a crease in the sleeve, hang the garment on the side hook of the Vertical Press Pad and use the Velcro® clips to position the sleeve, then press. If you don't want a crease, hold the sleeve at an angle and gently press in an up and down motion to remove the wrinkles.
  • For extremely embellished garments, turn the garment inside out and refresh.
  • Hook your hanger through one of the canvas loops on the side of the Vertical Press Pad to create a larger pressing area for sleeves.
  • Clothing with shape looks better if “Pressed & Refreshed” from the inside out.
  • With the garment hanging on the Vertical Press Pad, gently tug at the bottom seam of the garment to keep the fabric tight and prevent unwanted creases.
  • The Velcro® clips can be used to attach lightweight garments directly to the pad or to help position and hold the garment in place for quick steaming.
  • With lightweight fabrics you don't have to press the Wrinkle Eraser® hard on the fabric. The heavier the fabric the harder you should press.

Parts and Accessories

Press & Refresh® Small Steam Bonnet (3)



Press & Refresh® Small Steam Bonnet With Frame (3)



Press & Refresh® Upholstery Steam Bonnet (3)



Press & Refresh® Delicate Steam Bonnet (3)



Press & Refresh® Bristle Brush Frame



Press & Refresh® Upholstery & Delicate Fabric Frame



Press & Refresh® Lint Brush Frame



Set of 6 Shark® Space Saving Hangers



Press & Refresh® Vertical Press Pad



Press & Refresh® Accessory Bag




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Can pressing on the vertical press pad cause damage to my door?

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What should I do if I spilled the fragrance?

What is the Warranty Coverage?

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What are each of the accessories included in the Press & Refresh®?

Can I use the Press & Refresh® without the small steam bonnet?

Can I use the Press & Refresh® without an attachment frame (i.e. Bristle Brush Frame, Lint Brush Frame, Upholstery/Delicate Fabric Frame)?

Can cleaning solutions be added to the water?

Is tap water safe to use?

How long will one tank of water last before needing to be refilled?

How often should I wash the Bonnets?

Do I put the linen water in the water tank?

What are the ingredients in the linen water?

Will the linen water leave any type of residue on my fabrics?

How do I use the stain remover?

How do I fill the Press & Refresh®?

How do I know if the water tank is empty?

How do I use the scent included with my product?

How do I attach/remove a frame?

How do I attach the vertical press pad to the door?

How do I wash the vertical press pad?


Aug. 9, 2013

I recommend this steamer.

I own the Shark steamer and can unequivocally recommend this steamer. It does as well as the professional steamer I used in a retail setting. I worked in a boutique and have steamed thousands of garments with a professional steamer. Every garment that you buy most likely had to be steamed out when it arrived in a box very wrinkled.
Jul. 12, 2013

So easy to use.

Have had my steamer about 2+ months & find it so easy to use. It's nice to pull things out of my closet at night, steam out the wrinkles, & have them fresh to put on in the morning. Only thing I wish there were more clips to hold things but that's not a deal breaker. It's also handy to touch up clothes after pulling them out of the dryer.
Mr Crampton
May. 16, 2011

I love it.

I bought my steam iron about 9 months ago and I love it. I iron everything I wear even tees. I like my clothes to always look fresh. I cannot beleive the time I save on my ironing and I get the same results when I used an iron and ironing board, just easier. The only thing I would like to see improved is the clips that hold the clothes. I have a lot of problems with the clips holding the heavier garments. I still love it.
Nov. 2, 2010

I really like it better than an iron.

My husband bought me this two weeks ago at first i didn't know how to use it but i learned how to do my clothes now n its become easier i really like it better than an iron. It is easier and faster. I take about 5 min to do my husband shirt when it used to take me about 30 with a regual iron.
Oct. 21, 2010

Love this product.

I LOVE this steamer. If you have a laundry room with a door, this is the easiest, most convenient way to get wrinkles out of your clothes!I hung the steam pad over the door. I steam our clothes before I ever put them away..I used to let my ironing stack up. NO MORE. No, all I do is steam them when they come out of the dryer and I'm DONE! Love this product.
Oct. 6, 2010

Awesome steamer!

Awesome steamer! Love it! May order another as a spare.
Sep. 11, 2010

Perfect results.

Just bought today at Wall Mart. Very easy set-up and steam-pressed 6 shirts in about 10 minutes. Easy to use and perfect results for what I bought it for. Recommend to anyone who hates to iron.


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