The average person spends 120 whole days ironing in a lifetime.
Did you know - you don't have to wash your denim each time you wear it? Wash every 4-5 wears to maintain the color and quality, in between press & refresh.
The chemicals, solvents and high drying temperatures used in dry cleaning weaken the threads and fabric of your suit over time. It is advised to dry clean your suit only a handful of times a year to lengthen its lifespan.
When steam reaches a temperature of 175°F, it's hot enough to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.
Concerned about the overuse of chemicals? Steam is safe. Steam is natural. Steam is green.
Do you realize that you may have a million or more dust mites thriving in your bed? In order to kill these critters, steam must reach 130°F.
Dry cleaning really isn't dry – it just means that instead of water being used to clean the clothes, a harsh chemical is used in its place.
The average professional dry cleaning customer spends $600 -$1000 per year in dry cleaning bills.
On average, a family of 3 does 330 loads of laundry a year – that equals approximately 5300 individual pieces of clothing!
The average person spends $641 per year on clothing.

Quick Tips

Master the Press & Refresh™ Garment Care System.

Hold the steam trigger for continuous steam.
Tilt the Press & Refresh slightly forward and press the Wrinkle Eraser directly on the garment or fabric.
Move in an up and down motion to remove wrinkles fast.

Always check the fabric care labels for recommendations.
Test the fabrics for colorfastness in an inconspicuous place such as an inside seam.

The Vertical Press Pad fits on any door and is easy to setup! Leave the pad hanging on the back of any door for quick touch-ups anytime.

Remove wrinkles from long sleeve garments in a flash! For a crease in the sleeve, hang the garment on the side hook of the Vertical Press Pad and use the Velcro® clips to position the sleeve, then press. If you don't want a crease, hold the sleeve at an angle and gently press in an up and down motion to remove the wrinkles.

For extremely embellished garments, turn the garment
inside out
and refresh.

Hook your hanger through one of the canvas loops on the side of the Vertical Press Pad to create a larger pressing area for sleeves.

Clothing with shape looks better if “Pressed & Refreshed”
from the inside out.

With the garment hanging on the Vertical Press Pad, gently tug at the bottom seam of the garment to keep the fabric tight and prevent unwanted creases.

The Velcro® clips can be used to attach lightweight garments directly to the pad or to help position and hold the garment in place for quick steaming.

With lightweight fabrics you don't have to press the Wrinkle Eraser hard on the fabric. The heavier the fabric the harder you should press.