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Shark® Rotator® Professional

Getting Started

Plug the power cord into a centrally located outlet. This extra-long power cord will reach a larger area without requiring you to change outlets as frequently.

Order a spare set of filters from SharkRotator.com to replace in your vacuum for times when you other set of filters are drying.


The Universal Dusting Brush cleans debris and dust on delicate surfaces. Use the pivoting head to accommodate difficult angles. Ideal for: dusting, hard to reach areas

The Wide Upholstery Tool removes pet hair and dust from curtains, upholstry, and other delicate surfaces. Ideal for: pet hair, dusting, large particle pickup

The Multi-Tool 3-in-1 is designed to dust a multitude of surfaces, pick up large piles of debris and remove pet hair from curtains and other delicate fabrics. The brush slides off to convert to an upholstery tool. Ideal for: pet hair , dusting, large particle pickup

The Power Brush is designed for fast and easy removal of pet hair and ground-in dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery. Ideal for: pet hair, embedded dirtl

The Multi-Angle Dusting Brush pivots into three distinct angles to easily clean shelves, walls, furniture, ceiling fans, lights and more. Stiffer front and back bristles allow more aggressive cleaning for stubborn dust. Ideal for: dusting, hard to reach areas, specialized cleaning

Using the Vacuum

There are two powerful settings for cleaning. The POWER button turns on suction only. This is ideal for use on bare floors, delicate area rugs and for use with accessories. The BRUSHROLL button spins the floor brush, ideal for use on carpeted surfaces. Note that the floorbrush will only spin once the vacuum is reclined back.

To turn the vacuum off, press brushroll first and then power OR simply just press the power button. The next time you turn the vacuum on, it will start in the mode  you last left it in.

For quick cord access, rotate upper hook 180°.

Designed to illuminate debris under furniture or in dark spaces, the headlights illuminate any time the power is on.

Maintaining Vacuum

Your Rotator® is dependent on clean filters to ensure maximum suction and performance. Remember to rinse your filters every 3 months. Hand wash only and let air dry completely before replacing back in vacuum.

Tap loose dirt off filters between washes as needed.

For optimal cleaning, periodically check your brushroll and remove any string, carpet fibers or hair that may be wrapped around it.

Visit Shark Customer Support to find out how to contact a specialist.



† Locks in particles down to 0.03 microns in size based on independent ASTM F1977 - 04 (Initial Filtration Efficiency of a Vacuum Cleaner) testing
* Based on independent ASTM F608 - 11 (Carpet Embedded Dirt Removal Effectiveness) testing
** Based on independent ASTM F1977 - 04 (Initial, Fractional, Filtration Efficiency of a Vacuum Cleaner System) testing
*** VIP Warranty not valid outside the contiguous U.S.
**** Based on comparative run time testing of SV1107 (Freestyle) against Shark cordless vacuum (SV1106)

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