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The Sonic Duo System


Sonic Duo Cleaning System not only lifts the visible dirt on the surface, but also cleans the stuck-on dirt that is down in the fibers. By spraying the Low Moisture -No Rinse- Carpet Cleaner and then activating the solution with the Sonic Duo Carpet/Rug Cleaning Pad you remove the surface dirt on your carpet.

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The Carpet and Rug Institute
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The Dual Scrubbing Action combined with the powerful yet gentle Wood & Hard Floor Cleaning Solution removes the stuck-on dirt on your floors. Now its easier than ever to TRULY clean all your sealed hard floors including hardwood, tile, stone, and vinyl.


The Shark® Sonic Duo Cleaning System is a dream on hardwood floors. The specially formulated Wood & Hard Floor Cleaner breaks down even the toughest messes and removes the dirt and stains while still being gentle on your hardwood floors. This non-streak solution will leave your hardwood floors looking and feeling cleaner with no sticky residue left behind. Now it’s easy to clean and protect all of your sealed hardwood floors!


Vacuuming alone only removes loose dirt, dust and debris-it leaves behind the STUCK ON DIRT. This stuck on dirt contributes to discolorations, staining, dinginess and odors. The Sonic Duo Cleaning System is a REVOLUTIONARY new product that can remove this stuck on dirt quickly and easily. Your carpets and area rugs will begin to look cleaner and brighter, and smell fresher immediately. PLUS the more you use the Sonic Duo Cleaning System, the cleaner and brighter they will continue to look.

Shark® Sonic Cleaning Technology scrubs your floors and carpets 1,000 times per minute. That’s over 16 powerful scrubs every second! Sonic cleaning removes the stuck-on dirt on your floors and your carpets, but requires almost zero effort on your part thanks to AIRGLIDE MANEUVERABILITY. It’s never been easier or faster to get your floors and carpets truly clean!


  1. SPRAY
    Spray Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning solution into carpet/rug fibers
  2. SCRUB
    Sonic scrubbing action safely cleans your carpets and rugs at 1,000 scrubs per minute removing surface dirt into the pad
    As the solution dries, it dehydrates the stuck on dirt, unlocking it from the carpet fibers. The dirt is then easily vacuumed away later, leaving carpets cleaner and brighter


Shark® has developed a revolutionary type of cleaning solution for carpets and rugs with Trap & Remove Technology that is specially designed to work with the Shark® Sonic Duo® unit.

Shark’s new cleaning solutions for all floor types are activated by the Dual Scrubbing Action making them powerful yet gentle. They are powerful and biodegradable.

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Shark® introduces advanced cleaning pads designed to work with sonic cleaning action.

Each pad is washable so you can use it again and again. Finally, you can stop wasting money on those disposable pads!

Shark® Hard Floor Cleanser (RU820)

Water, Isopropylamine Dodecylbenzene sulfonate, Alphastep PC-48, Polyaspartic acid, Lutensol XL-80, Fragrance Fresh Lemon, Acticide MBS, FD&C yellow dye No5, FD&C Blue dye No1.

Shark® Carpet Pretreater (RU320)

Water, sodium bicarbonate, Baypure CX100, Lutensol XL-80, Dipropylene Glycol Ether, Lutensol TDA-3, Sodium Xylene sulfonate, Acticide MBS, Syntran 4125, Fragrance Rain Forest.

Hard Floor Cleaner

Water, Isopropylamine dodecylbenzene sulfonate, Alcohol ethothylate, Polyaspartic acid, sodium salt, Sodium Methyl-2 Sulfolaurate and disodium 2-sulfolaurate, Fragrance, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Blue #1, Isothiazolinone preservative.

Activating Pretreater

Water, Hydrogen peroxide, Surfactant blend, Citric Acid.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner

Water, Proprietary additive A, Proprietary additive B, Fragrance, Isothiazolinone preservative.


Water, Acrylic polymer, Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether, Polyethylene emulsion, Tributoxethyl phosphate, 2,2,4-Trimethyl-, 1,3-pentanediol diisobutyrate, Dipropylene glycol n-propyl ether, Acrylic terploymer, ammonium salt, Dimethyl siloxanes and silicones, Isothiazolinone preservative, Partially fluorinated alcohol.

When used as directed. Consult floor manufacturer before use. Before you clean your carpets or area rugs test a small, hidden area for colorfastness. If color is affected do not use. This solution is not for use on silk.


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