Shark Air Purifiers | Clean Sense IQ™ with HEPA Filtration



Air Purifiers Experience all-day clean air confidence.

Powerful purification for any home.

Shark uses its ultra-powerful multi-fan technology to quietly deliver clean air across large rooms in your home.

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Shark Air Purifier 6 with Anti-Allergen Multi-Filter ADV Odor & Fumes Lock, XL Area, Smart Sensing

  • 6-fan airflow
  • Clean Sense IQ
  • HEPA filtration
  • Odor protection


Free S+H*

2-year limited warranty

*Not available on all SKUs, see individual product offerings for details.

Clean Sense IQ

Clean Sense IQ intelligently tracks & auto-adjusts your air quality, displaying air purification progress through an ETA or a percentage.

True HEPA protection.

Shark True HEPA Multi-Filter

A multi-filter with True HEPA protection captures allergens, particles, pet odors, dust, and more.

Perfect for homes with pets

Shark True HEPA filtration captures pet hair, dander, and allergens throughout your home.

Power for large spaces.

Even in larger spaces, Shark Air Purifiers deliver powerful, thorough coverage to every corner of a room.

Shark innovates—so you can breathe easy.

Multi-fan technology

Shark gives you a suite of high-speed micro-fans that work simultaneously to replace the air in a room multiple times per hour.

Quiet power

Micro-fans function at a quieter volume than large, single fans, delivering a more calming clean.

Responsive touchscreen

Tracks and automatically adjusts your air quality, then displays it on an easy-to-use control panel.