Multi-Angle Dusting Brush

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Product Description

A five-position soft dusting brush for cleaning blinds, walls, books, ceiling fans, and tops of furniture. Adjust the angle of the brush to match the desired cleaning surface.
Compatible with: AZ1000, AZ1000W, AZ1001, AZ1002, AZ1002BRN, AZ1002C, AZ1002NP, AZ1003, AZ1003BRN, AZ1500, AZ1501, AZ1802, AZ2000, AZ2000W, AZ2000WWK, AZ2002, AZ201KT5, AZ201UPG5, AZ21KT501, AZ21KT502, AZ21KT503, AZ21UPG501, AZ21UPG502, AZ21UPG503, AZ3000, AZ3000C, AZ3000W, AZ3002, AZ3002C, CV101, CV101C, CZ350C, CZ351, CZ351C, CZ355, CZ2001, CZ2001C, LA401, LA401C, LA555, NV800, NV800C, NV800W, NV801, NV801QBL, NV801QBN, NV801QGR, NV801QPR, NV801QRG, NV802, NV803, QU400QBL, QU400QGN, QU400QGR, QU400QPR, QU400QRD, UV810, UV810BRN, UV850, UV900, ZD400, ZD402, ​​​ZU100, ZU102. ZU60, ZU62, ZU62C​, ZU100C​, ZU81

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