Precision Duster

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Product Description

This flexible tube features a micro-duster crevice tool on the end for cleaning around delicate objects and in difficult-to-reach spots like car interiors and computer keyboards.
Compatible with: HH200, HH202, HH205, HN175, HV380, HV380C, HV380W, HV381, HV381C, HV381QBL, HV381QPR, HV381QRD, HV382, HV382BRN, HV384QBL, HV384QP, HV384QR, HZ2000, HZ2000C, HZ2002, HZ2002C, HZ2002NP, HZ2003C, HZ250C, HZ251, HZ251C, HZ255, HZ3000, HZ3000C, HZ3002, HZ3002C, HZ602, IC160, IC161, IC162, IC162BRN, IC165, IC205, IC205CCO, ICZ362H, IF200, IF200C, IF200W, IF201, IF202, IF205, IF250, IF251, IF252, IF252BRN, IF280W, IF281, IF282, IF282BRN, IR100, IR100C, IR101, IR101C, IR70, NV680, NV681, NV681C, NV682, NV682QBL, NV682QGN, NV682QGR, NV682QPR, NV683, QH200QBL, QH200QCP, QH200QGN, QH200QRD, QH200QSL, QH201QBL, QH201QGN, QH201QRD, QH201QRG, QH201QSL, QS2000QBK, QS2000QBL, QS2000QCP, QS2000QGN, QS2000QRD, QS2001QBK, QS2001QBL, QS2001QCP, QS2001QGN, QS2001QRD, QS3000QBK, QS3000QEG, QS3000QEM, QS3000QSL, QS3000QTL, QS3002HBK, QS3002HEM, QS3002HEG, QS3002HBL, QS3000QRD, UC165, UF280, UV105, UV380, UV380BRN, UV480, UV580, UV810, UV810BRN, ​VS100, VS100C, VS101, VS101C​, VS105, VS105ZS360, ZS361, ZS362, ZS362C, ZS364QAB, ZS364QEB, ZS364QP, ZS364QR, ZS364QS, ZU561QBK, ZU561QBL, ZU561QRD

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