Shark® SpeedStyle™ Ultimate Gift Set For All Hair Types

Meet the powerful, compact Shark® SpeedStyle™. Go from wet to dry ultra-fast, with no heat damage. Shark’s RapidGloss™ Finisher delivers a silky, naturally shiny finish.

Includes Two (2) Year Limited Warranty
Meet the SpeedStyle™, designed for speed and power in a compact, dynamic styling system. Take hair from wet to dry, ultra-fast, with no heat damage. The RapidGloss™ Finisher delivers a silky, naturally shiny finish with up to 6x less frizz*. This set also includes a DeFrizzFast Diffuser, Express Touchup Brush, QuickSmooth Brush and Turbo Concentrator, making it ideal for all hair types. *vs. air-drying, based on 600-person survey.

  • * HIGH SPEED: SpeedStyle™ is here to prove that you don’t need to compromise hair health for wet-to-dry styling, ultra-fast. Equipped with five IQ SpeedStyler accessories to create a custom hair styling experience for your unique hair type.
  • * HIGH GLOSS: Attach the RapidGloss™ Finisher for a high-shine finish to dry, straight hair. Two streams of high-speed airflow work together to collect & smooth flyaways for up to 6x less frizz*. *vs. air-drying, based on 600-person survey.
  • * NO HEAT DAMAGE: SpeedStyle™ measures and regulates temperature 1000 times a second, never exceeding 230°F, and never approaching heat damaging temperature of 302°F.
  • * DESIGNED FOR LESS FRIZZ*: An ionizer releases negative ions for smooth, healthy-looking hair. * vs. air-drying
  • * LIGHTEST LEADING DIGITAL HAIR DRYER: At just 1.69 lbs., SpeedStyle™ brings you speed & power in a compact and dynamic styling system that is incredibly easy to use. No more sore arms after styling sessions.
  • * AUTO-OPTIMIZES SETTINGS FOR STYLERS: SpeedStyle™ recognizes each IQ SpeedStyler you choose and intelligently adjusts to the ideal temperature & airflow for ultra-fast styling with no heat damage. Includes cool shot, 4 heat, and 3 airflow settings.
  • * DEFRIZZFAST DIFFUSER: Get bouncy, defined curls and fast, even drying from root to tip. Plus, extendable prongs add volume on any hair length.
  • * QUICKSMOOTH BRUSH: Your answer for voluminous, straight styles - dry, volumize, and smooth, all at once. Includes combination of volumizing and smoothing boar bristles for grabbing, smoothing, and shining.
  • * EXPRESS TOUCHUP BRUSH: Designed to shape, smooth, and tame your bangs, layers, and ends—all with no heat damage. You can manually spin it as you style, allowing you to create soft bends and movement. Perfect for every hair type.
  • * WHAT’S INCLUDED: SpeedStyle™ Hair Dryer, RapidGloss™ Finisher, QuickSmooth Brush, DefrizzFast Diffuser, Express Touchup Brush, Turbo Concentrator, Storage Bag.

Voltage120 volts
Amperage14 amps
Wattage1700 watts
Product Dimensions6.5 in L x 1.88 in W x 7.91 in H
Weight1.66 lbs

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  • SpeedStyle™ Hair Dryer
  • RapidGloss™ Finisher
  • QuickSmooth Brush
  • DefrizzFast Diffuser
  • Express Touchup Brush
  • Turbo Concentrator
  • Storage Bag

Shark® SpeedStyle™ Ultimate Gift Set For All Hair Types