Hair Dryers
The hot you want
(minus the heat damage).

Experience the art of ultra-fast drying. From dazzling blowout styles to a mesmerizing highgloss finish, our lightweight, powerful hair dryer ensures the look you desire, without the heat damage.


A compact, dynamic
styling system.

Slay any style with our super-light, ultra-fast hair dryer. Don’t let the small size fool you. The SpeedStyle™ packs the power you need to take your hair from wet to dry with no heat damage.

High-speed. High-gloss. No heat damage.

No heat damage.

SpeedStyle™ measures and regulates temperature 1000 times a second, never exceeding 230°F, and
never approaching heat damaging temperature of 302°F.

High-shine finish with less frizz*.

Powered by Coanda Technology, two streams of high-speed air work together to collect and smooth flyaways for a high-gloss finish without heat damage.

*vs. air-drying, based on 600-person survey.

IQ Speed Styling & Drying Suite™.

For high-velocity drying, smooth styling, highgloss finishing. Smart attachments atuomatically adjust heat and airflow for optimal styling results.

Choose any 2 stylers

Build the perfect tool for your hair type.

Every head of hair has its own story. So we’ve developed a unique experience to build a set with just the tools you need—for a Shark SpeedStyle™ as unique as you.


Styling tips For All Hairkind™

Straight hair

Wavy hair

Curly hair

Coily hair