Heated Combs & Blow Dryer Brush

Dry, volumize, straighten, and smooth. One tool to do it all.

Use dry hair mode and wet hair mode on wash days for smooth, voluminous blowouts. Use the Heated Smoothing Comb of the dry hair mode on non-wash days to revive bedhead, creases, and more

A whole lot more than a blowdry brush.

Straightens and smooths with lower hair temperatures*.

Shark’s integrated comb smooths your hair, maintaining its shape and movement and ensures your hair absorbs less heat*.

*vs. traditional flat irons

Get a voluminous blowout with Wet Hair Mode.

Use Wet Hair Mode for wet-to-dry volumizing and styling with no heat damage.

Straighten, smooth or refresh dry hair with Dry Hair Mode.

Switch to Dry Hair Mode to straighten, align, and smooth without the frizz.


Styling tips For All Hairkind™.

Straight hair

Wavy hair

Curly hair

Coily Hair