Heated Combs & Blow Dryer Brush

Dry, volumize, straighten, and smooth. One tool to do it all.

Use dry hair mode and wet hair mode on wash days for smooth, voluminous blowouts. Use the Heated Smoothing Comb of the dry hair mode on non-wash days to revive bedhead, creases, and more

Is it Wash Day or Non-Wash Day?

Get full-body blowouts with no heat damage on Wash Days.

Use the Blow Dryer Brush on towel-dried hair for wet-to-dry styling at safer heat temperatures—without the frizz.

Refresh bedhead, hat hair, and more on Non-Wash Days.

Revitalize dry hair with the Heated Comb for styles that look even better than they did on Wash Day.

Dries, smooths, straightens, volumizes. (Yes, even curls.)

Unlock gorgeous and unique styles you’ll fall in love with—no matter when you last washed your hair.


Styling tips For All Hairkind™.

Straight hair

Wavy hair

Curly hair

Coily Hair