​Shark® Robot Pre-Motor Filter


Product Description

​A replacement pre-motor filter for your Shark® Robot.
Compatible with: AV2501AE, AV2501S, AV2511AE, RV2400WD, RV2410WD, RV2400WS, RV240BLXUS, ​​​​​RV2402WD, RV2402WXUS, RV2502AE, RV2600WA, RV2600WD, RV2610WD, RV2610WDCA, RV2620WD, UR2500SR, UR2500SRCA, UR2450WD, RV2800S, AV2820S, RV2820AE, AV2810AE, RV2820VEUS, RV2810VECA, RV2810AECA, AV2820XEUS, RV2800IEUS; RV2800YE; RV2810YS; RV2820YE; UR2820YE; RV2800ZE; RV2820ZE; AV2800ZE; RV2800YEUS; RV2810YEUS; RV2820YEUS; UR2820YEUS; RV2800ZEUS; RV2820ZEUS; AV2800ZEUS; RV2800YSCA; AV2810YSCA; RV2800YECA; AV2810YECA; RV2820ZECA; AV2800ZECA; UR2850YS; UR2850YEUS; UR2860YS; UR2860YEUS; AV2810YS; AV2810YEUS; AV2810ZE; AV2810ZEUS; RV24003DUS; RV2402WS; RV24023DUS; UR2450WS; UR24503DUS; RV2610WA; RV26101EUS; AV2610WA; AV26101EUS; RV2610WACA; RV26101ECA; AV2610WACA; AV26101ECA; AV2610WS; AV26103EUS; AV2620WA; AV2630WA; AV26201EUS; AV26301EUS

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​Shark® Robot Pre-Motor Filter