Odor Neutralizer Technology Cartridges (2)


Product Description

Two replacement cartridges that guard against bad odors inside your vacuum. We recommend replacing cartridges every 6 months.
Compatible with: AZ2501, AZ3000, AZ3000W, AZ3002​, AZ3002C, HP130, HP132, HP150, HP230, HP231, HP232, HP300, HP301, HP302, HP305, HZ3000, HZ3002, HZ3002C, IZ562H, IZ563H, IZ862H, HN175, HZ700, HZ702, LA481C, LA555, QS175QBL, QS175QGN, QS3000QBK, QS3000QEG, QS3000QEM, QS3000QSL, QS3000QTL, QS3002HBK, QS3002HEM, QS3002HEG, QS3002HBL, QS3000QRD, RV2820AE, ​HP100, HP102, HP105, HP100C, HP102C, HP200, HP201, HP202, UA205, HP200C, HP202C, HE400, HE401, HE402, HE405, HE402C, HE401C, UA415, HE601, HE602, HE601C, HE602C, HE612, UA305, UA232, UV900, UV2200, ZD550, ZD552, ZU81, ZU81C, ZU100, ZU102; AZ3002; UZ865H; UZ865HCCO; AZ4000; AZ4002, LA480WM, 1541FC3000
Product Dimensions1.65 in L x 1.65 in W x 0.79 in H
Weight.08 lbs

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Odor Neutralizer Technology Cartridges (2)