Shark HyperAIR™ ​IQ Styling Brush


Product Description

Attach this IQ Styler to the Shark HyperAIR™ Dryer and use on all hair types to dry, straighten, and shine—all at the same time. Smoothing bristles enable grabbing, smoothing, and shining, while detangling bristles enable combing and detangling. Our Styling Brush also rotates, so you can reach all areas with ease. Best for straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair.
Compatible with: HD112GNBRN
ColorTea Green
Product Dimensions4.13 in L x 3.35 in W x 3.35 in H
Weight0.29 lbs

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  • IQ Styling Brush

Shark HyperAIR™ ​IQ Styling Brush