Shark IQ Robot™ Post-Motor Filter Door

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Product Description

A replacement post-motor filter door for your Shark IQ Robot™ Self-Empty Base.
Compatible with: AV1010S, QR1000S, QR1000SB, QR1000SG, QR1000SW, QR1100S1US, QR1100SRUS, QR1G00S1US, QR1G00SRUS, QR1W00S1US, QR1W00SRUS, RV1000ASUS, RV1000S, RV1005ASUS, RV1010S, RV1100S1CA, RV1100S1US, RV1100SRCA, RV1100SRUS, RV910S, RV9106WXUS, RV912S, RV9126WXUS, RV915S, RV9156WXUS, UR1000SR, UR1005SR, UR1100S1US, UR1100SRUS, UR1505WXUS

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