Shark® SpeedStyle™ DefrizzFast Diffuser


Product Description

The Shark® SpeedStyle™ DefrizzFast Diffuser attaches to the Shark® SpeedStyle™ for fast,even drying from root to tip. To enable curl-perfection, our diffuser features retractable and extendable prongs. Retract prongs for shorter, finer hair and less heat on the scalp. Extend prongs for longer, thicker hair and for reaching and lifting at the root. Best for: Defined curls on wavy, curly, coily hair.
Compatible with: HD300, HD331, HD332, HD341HRG, HD341HWH, HD352​
Product Dimensions5.8 in L x 5.3 in W x 3.2 in H
Weight0.43 lbs

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  • DefrizzFast diffuser

Shark® SpeedStyle™ DefrizzFast Diffuser