Shark® VACMOP ® Multi-Surface Cleaner Refill 2L Bottle

Shark® VACMOP ® Multi-Surface Hard Floor Cleaner is formulated to deliver a fast-drying and streak-free complete clean with the Shark® VACMOP ®. Featuring a spring clean scent, it's designed for all sealed floors including hardwood, stone, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, tile, and marble.
Compatible with: AV2001WD, AV2610WA, AV2610WACA, CV255, QM250, RV2000WRUS, RV2001WD, RV2001WDCA, RV2001WDNP, RV2001WRCA, RV2001WRUS, RV2400WD, RV2410WD, RV2600WA, RV2600WD, RV2610WA, RV2610WACA, RV2610WD, RV2610WDCA, RV2620WD, UM205, UR2005WD, UR2005WRUS, VC205, VC255, VM200, VM251, VM251B1, VM251B1NP, VM251B3, VM251B3NP, VM251B4, VM251B4NP, VM251NP, VM252, VM255
Product Dimensions4.2 in L x 4.7 in W x in H
Weight4.6 lbs

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  • ( 1 ) Shark VACMOP™ Multi-Surface Cleaner Refill 2L bottle

Shark® VACMOP ® Multi-Surface Cleaner Refill 2L Bottle