HydroVac™ MessMaster®

Powerful Suction + Hydro Mopping—at the same time.

Shark® HydroVac™ MessMaster® vacuums, mops, and cleans itself so you can conquer all of life’s messes.

SELF-CLEANING SYSTEM: Starts clean, stays clean.


Shark HydroVac™ Multi-Surface Concentrate.

Odor Neutralizer Technology instantly reduces and prevents odor from re-forming on floors & area rugs for a fresher-smelling home. Each replacement bottle provides up to 19x refills.

Additional features.

Quick big mess pickup

Put away the mop and take out your Shark® HydroVac™ MessMaster® to easily pick up messes with ultra-fast dry time.

Deep-clean hard floors

Quickly eliminates spills, dirt, grime, odors, and more.

Clean area rugs

Shark® HydroVac™ MessMaster® removes surface dirt and reduces odor on area rugs.


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